On April 2nd 2009, I experienced a devastating studio fire, most probably due to an electrical melt down--faulty and/or overloaded surge protectors. I lost all my painting and sculpting tools, computer and large format printer, not to mention 40+ years of drawings, books and some very nice paintings (some finished and some well under way).

A Major Life Event

I am set up now in a very nice house in a very nice neighborhood in Las Vegas. Thanks to caring friends and my wife, I have begun to replace my 'Lost' items, and have returned to producing images and some design work.

It takes, sometimes, a major event to clear out too much collected old baggage. When the smoke clears, hopefully, so does some of the clouded thinking and old ways. And it's time for new directions.

I hope that I can find mine.

The way it was.
The way it went.
The way it is.
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