When I work with clay I am reminded that this form of art has been part of man-kinds’ civilization since way before my great aunt Sally. It is a pleasure and a challenge to work in a medium with so much history.


The processes I use are mid & high-fired range for durability. I begin a piece by deciding what the function of the piece will actually be. Is the piece to be a vase or a planter? Then the questions of size and type which seem to occur almost simultaneously. Often the next decision is made during the throwing process, and that is what decorating techniques will be used; a stamping pattern, a favorite texture I can apply and should I paint it while green with a colored slip?

I view each piece as having two very distinct levels of completion: 1st is when I have all the elements attached, handles, spouts, lids ,etc. and drying nicely, and only the turning of the bottom and the signing for completion. 2nd is when the piece is truly complete as it comes out of the magic of the fire which we can never be totally sure what that will bring. Each piece evolves into a unique creation.

When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of joy and satisfaction as the piece takes shape. For me that happens as the clay spins up and out from the center of the wheel like magic with the help of my hands.

When people see my work, I'd like them to feel something positive inside themselves and desire to touch the surface texture and experience a weight appropriate to size and form.

My goal in my work is to achieve the highest quality while fulfilling the drive to create. The inspiration for my designs come from nature, and an energy that is in all life.